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Our Quality Policy

Supporting Statement

We will improve our Technology, Processes and Services to meet our in-house requirements which always exceed our customer's requirements and to stay on ahead of our competitors at any time.

We recognize that the only way to achieve our future success is fully dependent on our excellent quality.

We must be dedicated and totally committed to continue to employ and emphasize continuous improvement focused on total customer satisfaction which is essential to the company's continuous success in the market place.

Our responsibility for quality begins with the determination of the customer's present and future quality requirements and continues until the product has been utilized by the customer who remains satisfied.

Real understanding and commitment by all levels of staff is not just desirable - it is essential.

Quality is everyone's business : get it right the first time. We must realize that the burden of quality proof rests not with inspection but with the makers of the parts.

Underlying the success of this quality policy is the spirit of teamwork and adoption of sound procedures and ideas through consensus and clear direction by our management.

Quality Objective

Our principle objective is to manufacture and supply products to totally satisfy our customer's requirements and to be the undisputed leader in the marketplace worldwide.

In order to achieve this objective, our employees are committed to put the quality of the product and services they give to others both internally and externally, their highest priority and the company has established and effective management system throughout the factory which conforms to the requirements of MS/ISO 9001:2008 and to comply with ISO/TS 16949:2009.

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