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As the largest manufacturer and global market leader in the supply of semiconductor grade silicon wafers to leading IC devices makers, S.E.H. Malaysia Group has to constantly develop and improve the characterization capabilities on our product to meet the stringent quality and technology demands of our customers.

We are continuously developing and improving our characterization capabilities in order to understand the properties and behavior of the silicon material so that we can produce a higher quality product at a competitive cost to meet the internal and external customer's satisfaction.

Our mission is to provide characterization service and support with high reliability and on time using the most sophisticated instrument available in our company. We aim to be the leader in innovation to ensure total customer satisfaction.

The characterization support and services are as follows:

1. Customer's support
- Failure analysis of defective wafer; processed and unprocessed wafers.
- Technical support on silicon characterization requested by our Customers.
2. Characterization Support
- Material characterization support to internal and external customers.
- Enhancement and continued development of current characterization methodologies.
3. Research and Development
- Develop new and innovative characterization techniques to further understand the properties and behavior of semiconductor silicon.
- Transfer and implementation of new characterization techniques from the central R&D lab in SEH-J.

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