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Shin-Etsu Handotai, a world renowned leader in wafer manufacturing is a key part of the diversified Shin-Etsu Group of companies spear headed by Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd. All Shin-Etsu Group of companies carries proudly the group's corporate symbol :

Corporate Logo

The corporate symbol is an integration of images representing "High Technology", "High Quality", "Dynamism", "Challenging Spirit", and "Flexibility".

The corporate colours are " Shin-Etsu Blue ", which evokes the image of Shin-Etsu's advanced and diversified technology, and " Shin-Etsu Green ", which communicates Shin-Etsu's rich human spirit.

The "light" in the center represents the "Activating Source" that links the "Potential of the Earth" with "People's Ambitions". It also represents the advanced technology that will lead to future expansion and new values. The Shin-Etsu Group, whose aim is to become a world leader, has named this symbol the " Memorable Glow ", in the hope of shining eternally.

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